Friday, December 03, 2004

"Buy me some peanuts and needle tracks..."

In a news story that is about as surprising as "Texas votes for Bush" or "McDonald's leads to Obesity", Barry Bonds and his size 8.5 head finally fessed up to Steroids. Shockah! Bonds, along with that parasite Jason Giambi, who ironically has parasites, told a Grand Jury they contained chemicals and preservatives that make them hit the ball "wicked fah."

Far beit it from me to throw stones, as anyone who knows me and my physique is pretty damn aware I am juiced up, too, but the hypocricy leaves me scratching my head. Baseball's Emperor with no clothes, Bud "if I shut my eyes, it'll go away" Selig has yet to make a definitive stance and has not threatened to ban Bonds or the Giamb-ino from the game. Too bad Pete Rose, you know, the guy with the boys regular hair cut and answered only to a guy named "Sully from Atlantic City" chose to play the odds rather than juice his body. He'd certainly be a Hall of Famer, who probably would have hit about .800 if he was a Balco client, instead of baseball's version of a fart in a car.

Anyhow, on the NCAA ice, the second-ranked Boston College Eagles (America's Team), travel about three miles and back about 5000 years worth of evolution down to Boston University to take on senile Jack's horrible Terrier squad. Considering how badly BC played against BU in last year's Hockey East quarterfinals, the 'Nation expects BC to blow this game open early and cruise to their fourth straight victory at the Urinal (Walter Brown Arena).

Sign on soon to see which BU (as well as other Hockey East) players are ridiculed and laughed at here at the Official Site of Pinhead Nation.

Collar up.



At 11:46 PM, Blogger Brian Gentry said...

Nice prediction for the BC-BU game! LOL!!

Congrats to "Senile Jack!!"

At 3:46 PM, Blogger stevef said...

gentry, take that weiner out of your mouth


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