Monday, December 06, 2004

What's the going rate for a quality snowman decoration?

Have you ever left work on a Friday expecting a certain type of weekend and by Monday morning, you're shaking your head saying "what the f just happened?" Well, welcome to life inside Pinhead Nation headquarters this morning.

We have to start this morning with the absolute trainwreck that was the Boston College (America's Team) vs. Kenmore State University hockey game on Friday. Someday, someone will be able to explain to me how a team loaded with offensive monsters suddenly couldn't score if they were in a monkey whorehouse with a bag full of bananas.

Without a doubt, Dan Bertram and Ryan Shannon will appear on milk cartons today as apparently, neither the freshman phenom or the team captain found their way to the Urinal (Walter Brown Arena) on Friday. Needless to say, BC found a way to lose 3-2 to the Terriers and give Senile Jack his 700th career win in front of 3,806 unwashed and uneducated Boston University students/alums.

The Eagle Ice Capaders, ahem, "rebounded" and somehow managed to score just one single goal (queue Bob Uecker's line in Major League, "That's all we got, one goddamn hit, er, goal?") in a tie vs. cellar-dwellar Providence at Conte Forum on Saturday after pelting Friar goalie Dave Cacciola with 61 shots.

Kudos, though, to the BC mens hoops team who beat UCLA last night in the John Wooden Classic in Los Angeles. Nice to see someone from Chestnut Hill besides Elisabeth Filarski and Raj Bakhtar from "Apprentice" representing the maroon and gold in Tinsletown.

Moving on to other tales of athletic idiocy, we have to talk about the UNH football team this morning. Although we at Pinhead Nation admire Ricky Santos and his Bellingham, Mass roots, it's tough not to chuckle at the sight of the Gridders from Title Town, NH dropping a 47-17 nailbiter to Montana in Division 2 ( you know, one step above high school football), playoff action. Can't help wondering if hockey coach Whistlin' Dick Umile himself gave a pregame pep-talk to the boys before they marched off to their own personal Little Big Horn on Saturday.

Finally, from the sublime to the ridiculous comes my brother's new career choice. My bro recently got the "heave-ho" from his job in a construction company and is currently living off "the man". Anyhow, on Saturday night, he informed me and my family he has purchased large amounts of plywood and paint, and is now making his own wooden "snowmen" that he will sell at craft fairs. This was also news to his wife, who came home the other day to find her loving hubby surrounded by wood and working on his "prototype" that he proudly displayed this past Saturday. To her credit, she had a wonderful quip that I will share:

"When most people lose their job, they buy the newspaper and look through the help wanted, not Davy, when he loses his job, he buys plywood and starts making snowmen", said my brother's (likely) first wife.

Anyhow, Pinhead Nation wishes my brother well in his new career. Hopefully he can fight off the competition from ten-year old cub scouts and elementary school kids who are currently flooding the market with inferior, but cheap, snowmen. With any luck, my brother will put these elementary school "entrepeneurs" out of business and force the urchins to make money to keep the heat and electricity on in their schools elsewhere.

Finally, a tip of the cap to Falmouth hockey phenom Corey W. for being selected to play in a ten-minute game between periods of the Boston Bruins' alumni game next February.

Collar up.



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