Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sisters In (Lunch Lady) Arms

College is a glorious, yet unnerving time for most freshmen, let alone those from foreign lands who travel to Boston University with the goal of learning English and witnessing a Beanpot championship. For BU coeds, it can be especially difficult to socially assimilate into the mainstream when the majority of men on campus are more interested in glowstick dancing with eachother rather than dating a member of the opposite sex.

Sorority Rush at Boston University allows coeds to let it all hang out and show their "double-wide BU pride."

To combat this dilemma, BU offers a wide variety of sororities that a young coed can look to for long-term friendships or for someone to merely swap Taco Salad recipes or Lane Bryant gift certificates with. Autumn in Kenmore Square can be a confusing time for a young woman in her first year at Boston University. Balancing a busy school schedule along with the Celebration of ‘Eid –ul-Fitr' is an exercise in stress management that makes the “sorority rush” experience that much more emotionally taxing for the coed.

At sorority houses throughout BU’s asomatous campus, the corpulent yet curious mix and mingle hoping to find a connection that will help her make her panhellenic decision. Though all nine sororities at BU welcome potential sisters with open arms, only a few are chosen to join the sisterhood and move into the sorority house, unofficially known as being a “pig in a blanket”.

Though the busy rush period leaves a mess inside BU sorority houses, it also leaves a strong impression on those who wish to join the sisterhood.

Following the selection process, the new sorority pledges are required to adhere to a highly secretive pledgeship (internally known as 'Operation: Free Willy') and promise a lifelong devotion to the sisterhood. Life is tough, though as each sorority sister balances a collegiate life of maintaining a rigid ritual as well as the ability to read the Koran while making a dozen Krispie Kremes disappear.

While hazing is strictly prohibited at Boston University, the long held tradition of "squeezing" a pledge into a size 60 jeans is just as much a tradition at BU as the annual "melting of the Agganis Arena ice" on March 30th each year.

The ultimate benefit of sisterhood at Boston University is a lifelong friendship with someone you can share you innermost secrets with as well as a your elastic wasteband pants suit. Though the cheers at the end of the college hockey season in February grow quiet and the late night drive-thru at Wendy's eventually closes, the bond between sorority sisters at Boston University is eternal.

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