Sunday, March 18, 2007

BU Spring Break Photo Album

For your superiors, there is no better time of the year than now. America's Team has won another championship while our friends from Durham, New Hampshire fail more miserably than a hockey player with the last name of "Bourque". Perhaps it's the stress of the season that requires universities across America to allow its students a reprieve and give them a week to charge their batteries for the semester's stretch run.

At schools such as Boston University, the stress that comes from following their hockey program is shed in mid-February after the Terriers win their annual national championship. Nonethless, BU students enjoy spring break by returning to their homelands in the Middle East, hit the beach for a week of porcine fun, or make a pilgrimage to the Entenmann's Company headquarters in Montebello, CA.

Last last week, one of our drones was on the Green Line and found a lost photo album under the seat. It was a album owned by, apparently, a group of BU coeds who took spring break in Florida last week. There were no names among the pics, but instead of turning it in with the BU police, he brought it to the "people you wish you were" to investigate. Once the album made it back to Stately Pinhead Manor, we opened it up and this is what we saw:

Our Spring Break Album, 2007:

Not from Spring Break, but last December when BU was closed for 'Eid-ul-Fitr, I took this picture of our hockey coach Jack Parker after the team's Christmas party. He is awesome.

March 10, 2007: While in Florida, we stopped by Haulover Beach to visit our guy friends from BU. Looks like they were having a blast.

March 12,2007: After riding Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom. Even though the Disney police said we exceeded their "almighty weight limit" we rode the ride. My roommate Badriya couldn't hold down her Qabili Palau, though. Gross!

March 16, 2007: Since Ishraq was on the "suspected terrorist list", she was unable to accompany on us to our trip to Florida. She decided to go to the BU playoff hockey game with some friends at the Garden. Together they all spelled out "F-U-C-K B-C". It was hysterical.

March 14, 2007: Here we are at the pool. While we were down in Miami, we all got drunk and became American citizens! Our parents will be pissed, but, oh well!

After reviewing this horrific display of photography, your superiors could simply not stomach the remaining pictures. If this is your album and you would like it back, please drop us an email at our mailbag. We can make accommodations to get it back to you as soon as possible.

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