Friday, February 11, 2005

Mailbag Friday, 2/11

Good morning, rubes, it's Friday which means just one thing, it's time to go into our email and see what comments or questions you have for your superiors today. It's been a strange week for the 'Nation, on Sunday, it was sipping champagne after celebrating another Super Bowl championship. By mid-week, the weather had closed in on 50 degrees and visions of taking the yacht out of storage and cruising the Sound were dancing in my head.

Before I head off to another financially lucrative business meeting, I figured I'd give something back to the retched and answer some of your email. Remember, email the people you wish you were at and we'll answer some of them on Fridays. Include the town you are living in if you want us to include it in your response. Here we go.

Q-Ryan L (unknown location)- Is there any way that any non-BC alums can become "collar ups"? I am very interested in this pursuit and aspire to be as great as you one day.

A- Ryan. Of course a non-BC alum can become collar-up (I'm assuming you own a tuxedo). "Collar up" is a philosphy, and although Boston College alums enjoy it as a birth right, others can acquire such lofty social status by many ways. The first step, obviously, is to join a quality Country Club and focusing your mental energy on increasing your sailing skills. There is nothing more embarrassing than dumping your Catalina in front of collar-up friends after an afternoon of drinking vodka martinis in the lounge. With a lot of work, you can achieve collar up status. Good luck.

ps- For those with absolutely no social skills whatsoever (UMass-Lowell or Merrimack alums), the road to collar up is tough, I suggest reading this link at to get started.

Q- Ian (unknown location) - When are you guys going to tell us about the glorious Patriots winning another Super Bowl? And when are you guys going to do your best Baghdad Bob impression in spinning BC's annual Beanpot humiliation?

A- Ian, all in good time, my young friend. First, regarding the Super Bowl, although our beloved New England Patriots, the greatest football team in NFL history, continue to cement their dynasty, there will be a day to discuss their feats soon. Right now, the people you wish you were are still gossiping about the who's-who of socialities who graced us with their presence at our Super Bowl party.

Regarding the Beanpot, it's unfortunate to see America's Team lose, but, unlike the future Dairy Queen employees at the dirty end of Commonwealth Ave, we don't put a lot of stock into a February regular season hockey tournament. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Boston College's hockey team will get to spend time with Harvard this Monday in a game that will be prove to be "collar-up on ice". Thanks for your support and hopefully your Hotel Management degree earns you a management position at the Days Inn of your choice.

Q- Danny C. (Euless, TX) - Hey guys, I'm hammered and need help making brownies. The package says I need two eggs, but I only have one. Help!

A- Danny, calm down, your superiors at the 'Nation have many talents. If you are looking for your brownies to be "fudgy", use the one egg and everything will be fine. If it's "cake-like" brownies you desire, use one egg and sprinkle a pinch of baking soda or baking powder into the mix. This will substitute for the missing second egg and should give you the cake-like brownies you seek. Good luck.

Q- Mike M. (Orono, ME) - Nice effort in the Beanpot, ladies.

A- Mike, your superiors at Pinhead Nation are men, not "ladies". Since you hail from Orono, Maine, I can see where you would have some confusion distinguishing between the two genders. I thought I saw a woman up in Orono, Maine the last time I was up there. Turns out it was just a moose wearing a "Go Blackbears" sweatshirt. It was quite a sight, but unfortunately, according to a U. Maine student, the moose was already "married" to a sophomore from Boothbay, so, unfortunately, this one was taken.

Well there you have it, another exciting trip through the Pinhead Nation mailbag. Drop us a line and maybe next week we'll improve your social standing by answering your questions or discussing your comments.

Collar Up.

- DW


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