Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hockey East Rookie of the Weak (Oct 17)

Greetings, destitutes, it's that time of the year again. By now you should be fully aware that we have many laughs at the expense of the less fortunate; students and alumni of the pathetic schools that we encounter on the gridiron and on the ice. Likewise, you should all be aware that this extends to the athletes that attend these so-called schools of higher learning as well. Hockey season is now in full swing and it's time for another year of awful Hockey East recruits and busts to compete for the weekly honor of being named Pinhead Nation's Rookie of the Weak. The winner will once again be vying for the Caron Cup, the prized trophy awarded to honor all-time Hockey East bust Eddie Caron.

This week's ROTW is:

Brandon Yip, F, Boston University

Some might say we have a slanted view on things, but in this instance we're looking through Brandon Yip's eyes. Yip, a former teammate of America's Team's fabulous freshman Brock Bradford at Coquitlam, can't be happy with this weekend's performance in BU's game vs. UMass-Lowell. While some of his freshman classmates handed out assists in BU's 3-1 win over the Lowly-ones, Yip was seemingly handing out orange chicken samples, instead. Yip registered just 2 SOG and, like a burglar going into UNH's trophy case, he came away empty-handed.

(Dis)Honorable Mention:

Joe Charlebois, D, UNH

In fitting fashion, Charlebois has shown that he already has the Caron Cup in his cross-hairs (or is it cross-mullet for UNH players?). Charlebois, a defenseman out of Sioux City of the USHL, a 6th round draft pick of the Chicago Blackhawks and highly touted by UNH fans, posted not a single point nor a shot on goal in his time on the ice vs. Ferris State. Of course, his chances would have been much better had he not been kicked out of the game about half way through. Like his idol Eddie Caron, who had a penchant for cheap-shotting opponents into the boards face first, Charlebois received a 5-minute major and a game misconduct for hitting from behind. Although he was not DQed and was eligible to play the next night vs. Nebraska Omaha, he was benched by Whistling Dick Umile. Leadfoot Lives!

Steve McClellan, D, NU

McClellan, a defenseman out of Cushing Academy, might be the next great Cushing Academy graduate/Hockey East moron, following in the footsteps of BU flunkie Chris Bourque and UNH reject/Maine recruit Keith Yandle, to hit the Hockey East ice. Hopefully for him, he is a little more adept in the classroom than he is on the ice. In game 1 of NU's trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota to take on the Fighting Sioux, McClellan failed to register a single point and failed to generate a single shot on goal. He did, however, manage to be a liability for the Huskies with a -3 rating while being on the ice for 4 of North Dakota's 6 goals in a 6-0 beatdown from the Sioux. The next night, for NU's 2-1 loss, though a moral victory for our furry friends on Huntingon Ave, McClellan was not allowed to participate due to being benched.

Well, there you have it. It's nice to see that things haven't changed and that the freshmen in Hockey East that don't play in Chestnut Hill have Hockey East's Collar Down teams in position to battle for the honor of being the team to finish behind Boston College for years to come.

This year we're adamant that we are going to take input from our readers. If you'd like to nominate a Hockey East player for the ROTW, please send us email to mailbag@pinheadnation.com. We'll give strong consideration to your nominations. Additionally, as always, we welcome comments from anyone and everyone not named Jeff Bragdon. See you next week for another edition highlighting the non-achievements of Hockey East's awful recruits.

Collar Up.



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Wow - pulling the race card on former rookie of the year? That's pretty desperate and unnecessary.

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