Thursday, March 16, 2006

March Dorkness

I was beeped in the middle of a meeting asking if I had turned in my NCAA basketball bracket. Needless to say, your superiors have far more important things to do than dilly-dally around such a plebeian activity. Nonethless, we have arrived at the time of the year of the "self-appointed" sports expert.

Whether your Boston College degree has landed afforded you a plum job or if you attended a "school" like U.Mass and you spend your days working on a ladder with a paint bucket in your hand, the ritual of filling out a "bracket" is unavoidable. The one constant among all classes of employment is the imbecile who claims to "know it all" and takes his bracket more serious than his grotesque physical appearance.

With his weekend nights free to study the brackets, "sports geek" is thrilled when his predicted "upset" comes to fruition.

Finding this mental defect is quite easy and shouldn't take a better set of people such as ourselves to point him out. Many middle-class types partake in office brackets and most do so to earn some extra cash or some other minimal spoil. Unfortunately, for the "office idiot", the random act of picking victorious collegiate teams is life and the rest (family, bathing, etc) are just details.

In case you are struggling to locate this individual, many tell-tale indicators are obvious even to the most dunderheaded Lowell graduate. The first hint is how defensive he appears when his 'picks' are questioned, though he is likewise quick to chortle at the picks of his peers. He laughs at your Final Four picks while using ignorant phrases such as "Team X's has no guard play" or "Team Y has no big man". Sadly, the only "big man" this person knows about is the potbellied fool in the mirror who would only be at a healthy weight if he were on the moon.

Pinhead Nation reminds Bostonians that with this weekend's Hockey East finals in town, local hotels will once again be filled with a rash of uncivilized rurals from Maine and New Hampshire.

Before the people you wish you were continue, its important to comprehend the genesis of this person. He is likely a fleshy fellow who claims to have a special knowledge of college basketball although he has never played competitive hoops in his sad life. Since those who can, play, and those who can't, talk, years of being picked over on the playground has driven his competitive spirit (read: low self-esteem) to claim a "higher knowledge" of a sport he really has little concept about.

Being barren of any physical ability to speak of, this person likely scratches his competitive itch sitting at a card table playing poker or preparing to "own" his likewise socially retarded chums at fantasy baseball. When March rolls around, though, his 'expertise' is squarely aimed at NCAA Basketball. He proudly boasts the tournament game upsets he correctly guessed at while telling anyone he encounters of "his" Final Four, ignorant of the fact that his audience couldn't care less.

These social invalids can be found in big cities or the smallest of towns.

Fortunately for those experiencing this annual trauma, this person is usually a short-term problem. The good news for those afflicted with such an addle-pate at the office, he will eventually grow silent. As the teams he "wisely" picked are vanquished faster than the time it takes for a Boston University student to throw his turban on ice after a rare BU player's hat trick, in time, he will pick up the phone and call his pals to set up their next commiserable Poker game.

Collar Up.


At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

REO Speedwagon on tour

I guess we have seen the end of PH2 at hockey games this year.

At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After looking over the recordings of Bon Jovi, I see a pattern of western songs on their albums.
I can’t call Bon Jovi a Country and Western band because I don’t see any country songs, but I’m sure that is the direction they are headed.

The funny thing about c+w bands is the audience they attract. The country songs attract the hillbilly. We all know what they look and smell like. The western songs attract your gay cowboys. These are usually misplaced Texans who have settled in different parts of the country. They would be classified as hillbillies if they had been raised in the mountain regions of this country. So, your cowboy is just a flat-land hillbilly. I have further proof to back up my theory. If you ever been forced to watch HEE-HAW or been to the Barnstable County Fair, you will usually see a c+w band. The hard part is to tell the hillbilly apart from the cowboy. I can’t, can you?

So, we probably will see Bon Jovi on the Nashville Network and at the Barnstable fair before long. They are ready doing NASCAR.


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